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A Graduate Working Group on Mobility and Placemaking

Travel Work is an interdisciplinary graduate working group about mobility and placemaking established by graduate students from the History and Religious Studies Departments at UNC. Since January 2018, this working group has provided a space for graduate students interested in topics of mobility, travel, infrastructure, borders, boundaries, and built environments to achieve their research and writing goals. The group meets every four to six weeks to discuss and provide feedback on participants’ research, including thesis and dissertation chapters, conference papers, journal articles, or upcoming presentations. The working group will meet via Zoom this semester, and it welcomes any M.A. or Ph.D. student in UNC’s College of Arts and Sciences interested in mobility and placemaking, broadly construed.


Though based in the Center for the Study of the American South, Travel Work welcomes all interested participants regardless of their research’s geographic or chronological focus.


Those interested in attending or learning more should email Isaiah Ellis or Lucas Kelley. Our first meeting will be held in February 2021.